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If you would like to make a monetary gift to the ministry online you may  do  so by clicking on the donate button below. If you are interested  in making a non-monetary donation, please fill out the form on the right. Information about current fundraisers are listed below also.

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Fund Raiser with Kroger’s

      Mount Carmel Code is: 18497


•Members we encourage to register online at

•To register have your Kroger Plus card and you Organization (Mount Carmel)

•Click on Sign In/Register

•New online Kroger Customers , will need to click on SIGN UP TODAY in the “New Customer “ box

•Sign Up for a Kroger Rewards Account , enter Zip Code, click nearest store location, enter Email Address, Create a Password, Agree to the Term and Conditions

•Check your Email Inbox, click on the link provided in email.

•Click on My Account and use your email address /password to proceed to the next step.

•Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number.

•Update/Confirm your information.

•Enter NPO number /name of Organization (Mount Carmel), select organization listed and click confirm.

•Verify you are enrolled correctly. Organization (Mount Carmel) will be listed on the Right Side of your Account information page. ...